The Neural Computation and Psychology Workshop (NCPW) Series

The NCPW series is now a well established and lively forum that brings together researchers from such diverse disciplines as artificial intelligence, cognitive science, computer science, neurobiology, philosophy and psychology to discuss their work on connectionist modelling in psychology. We aim to meet every 18 months, and we do on average, but the actual period between meetings varies somewhat.

Unlike most conference series, there is no associated professional society or steering committee. The location and organisers of each worksop are chosen by an informal consensus of recent organisers and regular attendees. If you have attended at least one previous NCPW, and wish to be considered as a host for a future NCPW, please, in the first instance, email a short expression of interest to one of the organisers of the last NCPW.

The fifteen workshops that have taken place so far are:


Date: 22-24 April, 1992

Location: Bangor, Wales

Oraganisers: Mike Oaksford & Gordon Brown (Bangor)

Proceedings: Neurodynamics and Psychology, Mike Oaksford & Gordon Brown (Eds), Academic Press, 1994. (ISBN: 0125235151)


Date: 10-13 September, 1993

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Oraganisers: Joe Levy, Dimitrios Bairaktaris, John Bullinaria & Paul Cairns (Edinburgh)

Proceedings: Connectionist Models of Memory and Language, Joseph P. Levy, Dimitrios Bairaktaris, John A. Bullinaria & Paul Cairns (Eds), UCL Press, 1995. (ISBN: 1857283686)


Date: 31 August, 1994

Location: Stirling, Scotland

Oraganisers: Leslie Smith & Peter Hancock (Stirling)

Proceedings: Neural Computation and Psychology, Leslie S. Smith & Peter J.B. Hancock (Eds), Springer, 1995. (ISBN: 3540199489)


Date: 9-11 April, 1997

Location: London, England

Oraganisers: John Bullinaria (Birkbeck), David Glasspool & George Houghton (UCL)

Proceedings: Fourth Neural Computation and Psychology Workshop, John A. Bullinaria, David W. Glasspool & George Houghton (Eds), Springer, 1998. (ISBN: 3540762086)


Date: 8-10 September, 1998

Location: Birmingham, England

Oraganisers: Dietmar Heinke, Glyn Humphreys & Andrew Olson (Birmingham)

Proceedings: Connectionist Models in Cognitive Neuroscience, Dietmar Heinke, Glyn W. Humphreys & Andrew Olson (Eds), Springer, 1999. (ISBN: 185233052X)


Date: 16-18 September, 2000

Location: Liege, Belgium

Oraganisers: Bob French & Jacques Sougne (Liege)

Proceedings: Connectionist Models of Learning, Development and Evolution, Robert M. French & Jacques P. Sougne (Eds), Springer, 2001. (ISBN: 1852333545)


Date: 17-19 September, 2001

Location: Brighton, England

Oraganiser: Roland Baddeley (Sussex)

Proceedings: Connectionist Models of Cognition and Perception, John A. Bullinaria & Will Lowe (Eds), World Scientific, 2002. (ISBN: 981238037X)


Date: 28-30 August, 2003

Location: Canterbury, England

Oraganiser: Howard Bowman (Kent)

Proceedings: Connectionist Models of Cognition and Perception II, Howard Bowman & Christophe Labiouse (Eds), World Scientific, 2004. (ISBN: 9812388052)

Further Information: NCPW8 Web-site


Date: 8-10 September, 2004

Location: Plymouth, England

Oraganisers: Angelo Cangelosi, Guido Bugmann, Roman Borisyuk (Plymouth) & John Bullinaria (Birmingham)

Proceedings: Modeling Language, Cognition and Action, Angelo Cangelosi, Guido Bugmann & Roman Borisyuk (Eds), World Scientific, 2005. (ISBN: 9812563245)

Further Information: NCPW9 Web-site


Date: 12-14 April, 2007

Location: Dijon, France

Oraganiser: Bob French (Burgundy)

Proceedings: From Associations to Rules: Connectionist Models of Behavior and Cognition, Robert M. French & Elizabeth Thomas (Eds), World Scientific, 2008. (ISBN: 9812797319)

Further Information: NCPW10 Web-site


Date: 16-18 July, 2008

Location: Oxford, England

Oraganisers: Julien Mayor, Nicholas Ruh & Kim Plunkett (Oxford)

Proceedings: Connectionist Models of Behavior and Cognition II, Julien Mayor, Nicholas Ruh & Kim Plunkett (Eds), World Scientific, 2009. (ISBN: 9812834222)

Further Information: NCPW11 Web-site


Date: 8-10 April, 2010

Location: London, England

Oraganiser: Eddy Davelaar (Birkbeck)

Proceedings: Connectionist Models of Neurocognition and Emergent Behavior: From Theory to Applications, Eddy J. Davelaar (Ed.), World Scientific, 2011. (ISBN: 9814340340)

Further Information: NCPW12 Web-site


Date: 12-14 July, 2012

Location: San Sebastian, Spain

Oraganisers: Julien Mayor (Geneva), Pablo Gómez & Pawel Kuszelewski (BCBL)

Further Information: NCPW13 Web-site


Date: 21-23 August, 2014

Location: Lancaster, England

Oraganisers: Gert Westermann & Padraic Monaghan (Lancaster)

Further Information: NCPW14 Web-site


Date: 8-9 August, 2016

Location: Philadelphia, PA, USA

Oraganisers: Jay McClelland, Stefan Frank & Daniel Mirman

Further Information: NCPW15 Web-site

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