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A feature is a small modification or extension of a system, which usually the user perceives as having a self-contained functional role. (To see some examples, check out our suggested case studies.) Feature integration is the process by which the requirements of a feature are `integrated' into the specification of the system.
This kind of incremental system development raises questions about the compatibility of successive feature integrations; this has become known as the "Feature Interaction Problem". The Feature Interaction Problem has received a lot of attention in the field of telecommunications, where new services are constantly developed and deployed.

FIREworks will develop feature-oriented specification methods, in which features are treated as `first-class citizens' and which will address the potential conflicts between features.

The aim of FIREworks is to provide a method with which companies can build products by taking an existing product and adding, removing, or respecifying some features. Such a method will consist of feature-oriented specification languages and suitable validation tools.

The FIREworks consortium consists of twelve European universities, each of which is associated with an industrial supporter, usually major bank or telecommunications company. The industrial supporters will act in an advisory role to the project, providing case studies and attending meetings.
The members collaborate in various subgroups.

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1st FIREworks workshop
[ minutes of the business meeting ] [ photographs ]
15-16 May 1998, Magdeburg, Germany,
2nd FIREworks workshop
[ minutes of the business meeting ]
8-10 April 1999, Evry near Paris, France
(This was a joint workshop with ASPIRE)
FIREworks Workshop on Language Constructs for Describing Features
15-16 May 2000, Glasgow, United Kingdom
(took place immediately before FIW 2000, the Sixth International Workshop on Feature Interactions in Telecommunications and Software Systems, held 17-19 May 2000 in Glasgow.)

FIREworks publications
Report for Year 1
Report for Year 2
Report for Year 3

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