WS1 Business Minutes

15 May 1998

Magdeburg, Germany

  1. The healthy financial position was noted.

  2. Activity of partners.

    Some Partners appear to be inactive, while there are other groups working on features who are not members of the WG, but with whom we could usefully cooperate. It was agreed that we could decide to involve such groups by making them "associate partners", attached to an existing site, and invite them to our meetings. Such a decision would be taken by email or at a Busines Meeting. It was decided to make the group of Jeanine Souquières in Nancy such a member, associated to NANT or LaMI.

  3. Subgroups.

    It was agreed to restructure the subgroups by removing SG3 (Compositionality) and including that activity in the remaining subgroups.

  4. Workshops were confirmed as follows:

    9-10 April 1999.
    Workshop 2, hosted by LaMI, Evry, France, a joint Workshop with WG Exprit WG ASPIRE (
    c. April 2000.
    Workshop 3, hosted by IRST, Trento, Italy.

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