WS2 Business Minutes

9 April 1999

Evry, France

BHAM: M.Ryan (chair & secr.), M.Plath
FUN: -
IRST: A.Cimatti
IST: F.M.Dionisio
LaMI: G.Bernot, M.Aiguier
LFCS: S.Gilmore
MAD: -
MAG: S.Conrad, H-D.Ehrich, M.Heisel
  1. Cash flow: apologies and request.
    I aplogised for delays in BHAM refunding participating sites, and made two requests:

  2. Reports and publications for year 2.
    Malte Plath will soon ask participants for their reports of their Y2 activities and publications for the FIREworks pages.

  3. Budget.
    I reported underspending and we looked at ways of increasing activity levels, namely:

  4. We unanimously agreed to seek EC aproval to co-opt two further sites to FIREworks, namely

    1. Laboratoire Logiciels, Systemes, Reseaux (LSR)
      Institut d'informatique et de mathematiques appliquees de Grenoble (IMAG)
      BP 72
      38402 St Martin d'Heres

      Site leader: Farid Ouabdesselam
      Other members: Lydie du Bousquet, Jean-Luc Richier, Nicolas Zuanon

    2. LORIA
      Universite Henri Poincare
      BP 239
      54506 Vandoeuvre

      Site leader: Jeanine Souquieres
      Other members: Dominique Mery

  5. Location and date of WS3.
    The default is Trento, as stated in the Proposal, and again offered by Alessandro Cimatti.
    However, we did not confirm it, because
    1. we may prefer to hold WS+ instead in Trento (see item #6)
    2. we may prefer to hold WS3 co-located with FIW'00 in Glasgow/Stirling.
    3. Don Sannella suggests ETAPS'00 (Berlin, c. 25 March)

    If you have views, please inform me. The views I understood from the meeting were

    Action: Mark Ryan to liase with Muffy Calder, co-chair of FIW'00.

  6. Additional workshop WS+.
    It was agreed that Mark Ryan would continue to work on the proposal of an additional workshop, with approximately the following profile.

    1. Theme. Within the area of Specification and Verification of Featured Systems, interpreted broadly. A more precise theme/title for the workshop will be determined by the Program Committee (to be established).
    2. Tutorials given by FIREworks members (dissemination of FW results, to be interpreted broadly).
    3. Research presentations, to be given by invited speakers.
    4. Duration: 3d.
    5. Location: we have two offers,
      • Trento, host Alessandro Cimatti
      • Lisbon, host Amilcar Sernadas
    6. Time: June 2000?

    You are welcome to contact me if you have further ideas, offers, proposals etc. Otherwise, stand by for more information from me in the coming months.

    Action: M.Ryan to continue working on the proposal.

  7. Forthcoming meetings

    M.Ryan: seek approval from EC for meetings at non-sites
    M.Heisel: propose date for FM'99 meeting.

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