Information about the module

The first half of the cryptography module is taught by Professor Mark Ryan (roughly corresponding to the symmetric crypto part). The second half (roughly, public key crypto) is given by Dr David Galindo.

There are two lectures per week, both on Wednesday. On most weeks, there will also be a tutorial on Friday. For more information and locations, see the timetable.

There is more information about the module on the official module page and on the Canvas page.

Week-by-week plan

Week Slides Notes
2 October 2019 Overview
9 October DES (contd.)
Block modes and security
16 October Block modes and security (contd.)
corrections made to Slide 99
23 October AES (contd.)
Integrity and hash functions
30 October MACs and authenticated encryption
6 November David Galindo starts his part.


There will be an unassessed exercise (due 16 October, 5pm). There will be an assessed exercise (due 6 November, 5pm). You will need to type your answers, convert to PDF format, and submit via the Canvas page. We won't accept handwritten and scanned/photographed answers.

Exercise classes

To support the assessed exercises, there will be exercise classes on Fridays at 1PM.

Answers to exercises

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