My research interests are focussed on Natural Language Processing. I'm interested in Sentiment Analysis of text, the automatic identification and understanding of metaphor and the effects of pragmatic inference in dialogue processing. More recently I've been investigating the extraction of constraints from text to build formal models for reasoning.

A partial list of publications is available here.

If you wish to apply for a PhD. at Birmingham then please read this webpage on how to apply. I welcome enquiries about studying for a PhD. on the following topic areas:
Natural Language Processing,
Sentiment Analysis,
Dialogue Modelling,
Semantics and pragmatics of natural language,
Information Retrieval and Extraction,
Automatic Recognition and Understanding of metaphor
Computationally-based corpus linguistics.
If you do wish to get in touch, please send me your CV and if you have a good idea for a research topic then a summary of the idea. I'm more than happy to discuss how to shape potential ideas into project proposals.