Resources for my EWSCS'2012 course on topology for functional programming.

  1. The slides.

    Warning: I used the board quite often, with many (most?) things not in the slides, unfortunately.

  2. Haskell code used in the lectures, with information and discussion.

    See also the dependency graphs as explained in the Haskell comments, for uniform modulus of continuity 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

    There is also alternative Haskell code, with less discussion, but more experiments.

    And a C++ implementation of some of this by one of the course students, Ivan Pouzyrevsky, which includes call-by-need.

  3. Agda programs/proofs rendered in html for easy navigation with links.

    There is also a zip file with the the Agda files.

    (What is Agda? I recommend this to get started.)

  4. Additional material, not in any particular order:

and many other things! (Follow the references contained in the above references.)
Martin Escardo
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