Call for Participation

Sixth Automated Reasoning Workshop
Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice

at the AISB'99 Convention

8-9 April 1999

Edinburgh College of Art & Division of Informatics

University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland

Abstract submissions are invited for the Sixth Workshop on Automated Reasoning -- Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice. Following in a highly successful series of Workshops on Automated Reasoning, this workshop will provide an informal forum for the automated reasoning community. This workshop series aims to bring together researchers from all areas of automated reasoning in order to foster links and facilitate cross-fertilisation of ideas among researchers from various disciplines; among researchers from academia, industry and government; and between theoreticians and practitioners.

The format this year will include invited speakers: and panel discussions on diagrammatic reasoning and modal logic & agents, furthermore there will be contributed talks and a poster session. Although there will be a number of `pre-arranged' items to be discussed during the workshop, it will cover the full breadth and diversity of automated reasoning, including topics such as logic and functional programming; equational reasoning; deductive databases; unification and constraint solving; the application of formal methods to specifying, deriving, transforming and verifying computer systems and in particular safety-critical systems; deductive and non-deductive reasoning, including abduction, induction, nonmonotonic reasoning, and analogical reasoning; commonsense reasoning; and the wide range of topics that fall under the heading of knowledge representation and reasoning.

We invite interested persons to submit a two-page abstract about some recent work or some work in progress to by 19 February 1999. Please write your abstract using LaTeX2e and make use of the style file AR99.sty (comments how to use it are included). Please send the LaTeX source file. This will (hopefully) facilitate the task of producing the informal workshop proceedings considerably. Exceptionally you can electronically submit a (uuencoded) PostScript or PDF file together with an ASCII version or alternatively three hardcopies by snail mail.
Please include your postal address, e-mail address, and phone number. Authors will get feedback on their submission and will have a chance to revise the abstract. The main objective of the abstracts is to spread information about recent work in our community. Accepted abstracts will be published in informal workshop notes and be made available by WWW. Authors who wish to present their work at the workshop should indicate that with their submission. Proposals for panel sessions should be made as soon as possible. The workshop is intended to be an inclusive event, with participants encouraged from the broad spectrum covered by the field of automated reasoning. We encourage the participation of experienced researchers as well as those new to the field, especially students. A limited number of travel grants for students will be available. Students who want to apply for a travel grant should indicate this with their submission. The programme committee will select the recipients of the grants and decide how to divide the amount available between them. Deadlines are listed in the timetable, below. A gzipped PostScript version of the Call for Participation can be found here (12k), a LaTeX version here (9k).

The workshop will take place in conjunction with the AISB'99 Convention in Edinburgh in April 1999. AISB'99 Convention will consist of 13 workshops and symposia on a wide range of themes in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science. An underlying theme of the Convention this year is the study of creativity, though not all of the events include a creative element. Further details of AISB'99 will be found at the web site of the convention. The AISB'99 Convention is supported by Edinburgh College of Art and the Division of Informatics, University of Edinburgh.

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Submissions of two-page abstracts
19 February 1999

Invitations issued
5 March 1999

Final version due
12 March 1999

AISB'99 Convention
6-9 April 1999

8-9 April 1999


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