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Nada Alruhaily

PhD candidate and a Malware researcher

School of Computer Science

Security and Privacy Group


About me

Currently I’m a PhD student at the University of Birmingham, supervised by Dr.Tom Chothia. Until September 2016, Dr.Behzad Bordbar was a co-supervisor.


Malware Analysis and Detection

I have to confess ! watching what these malicious creatures can do is amusing in some weird way!

Anti-Sandbox Techniques

Some related research on this area can be found on my paper that have been published by ICISSP 2017, which is listed on the publications part.

E-Passport Security

Worked previously on this area during my Master and enjoyed it. My Master dissertation can be found here.


Analysis of Mobility Algorithms for Forensic Virtual Machine Based Malware Detection

Authors: Nada Alruhaily, Behzad Bordbar, and Tom Chothia

Trustcom/BigDataSE/ISPA, 2015 IEEE


Towards an understanding of the Misclassification Rates of Machine Learning-Based Malware Detection Systems

Authors: Nada Alruhaily, Behzad Bordbar, and Tom Chothia

In Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Information Systems Security and Privacy - ICISSP


The implementation of EBBag classifier is available here Source Code

Professional Memberships

- A member in the Security and Privacy group in the University of Birmingham.

- IEEE student member.

- INSTICC member.

- A member in the Saudi Group for Information Assurance- Hemaya.

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