Project topics

I'm also open to topic suggestions related to the security analysis of real-world security systems and (efficient, small) implementation of crypto, please contact me if you've something in mind.

Please do not put my name down as a supervisor without talking to me first.

deleted text means: currently no longer available.

Analyzing and Attacking

  • Cache timing attacks for embedded devices
  • Attacking embedded bootloaders
  • Analysis of implementations of biometric algorithms / security analysis of libfprint
  • Comparison of static and high-frequency side-channel leakage (must have attended HWSec lecture)
  • Hardware attacks on smart phones (direct memory dumps, JTAG, side channels, faults, etc)
  • Security analysis of Bluetooth U2F tokens (C or Java programming, maybe side-channel or other hardware attacks)
  • Security analysis of RFID, BTLE, or ZigBee systems
  • Range extension for eavesdropping and spoofing of wireless systems (EE and signal processing-heavy)
  • Extension and testing of a side-channel measurement framework (C++ programming, must have attended HWSec lecture)
  • Code review of SSH clients (analyzing source code of open software)
  • Automated large-scale analysis of geodata in mobile apps
  • Automatically detecting cryptographic algorithms in firmware binaries
  • Automatically finding and exploiting buffer overflows in embedded devices

Implementation and Programming

  • Extensions of the ChameleonMini open source project (e.g. Legic Prime, HID iClass, Felica)
  • Extending Autopsy or log2timeline for mobile forensics
  • Compact open-source long number library for Javacards (Java(card) programming)
  • Fast cryptography on the Parallella
  • Cryptography on OISCs
  • Compact open-source long number library (C programming)
  • Building an Internet-connected display device (C programming on ESP8266, some hardware making)
  • Cryptography on IoT platforms like CC2650STK Sensor Tag (C programming and/or smartphone development)
  • Implementation of novel signature schemes (C and Java programming)

If you are interested in one of these topics, please contact me and outline very shortly why you selected a particular topic. Also, let me know if there are any questions. Finally, note that these are project ideas that can be adapted (to a certain degree) to your skills and to what you want to learn.