Project topics

I'm also open to topic suggestions related to the security analysis of real-world security systems and (efficient, small) implementation of crypto, please talk to me (after supervisor allocation) if you've something in mind. In addition to the topics in the list below, I might also have additional topic ideas which usually come up after discussing your preferences and ideas in person.

deleted text means: currently no longer available.

Open topics

  • Development and analysis of capability architectures and software using capabilities (in particular CHERI).
  • Security analysis of Trusted Execution Environments and enclaves (e.g. Intel SGX, Trustzone, Keystone)
  • Attacking embedded bootloaders (e.g. ARM processors)
  • Analysis of implementations of biometric algorithms (e.g. in smartphones)
  • Android and iOS security
  • Improving the plotting function in Python's matplotlib
  • Extension of the ChameleonMini open source project (e.g. Legic Prime, Felica)
  • Large-scale analysis of firmware

Let me know if there are any questions. Finally, note that these are project ideas that can be adapted (to a certain degree) to your skills and to what you want to learn (after supervisor allocation) .