David Parker
Professor of Computer Science, University of Birmingham


My research is in verification: formal techniques for checking that systems function correctly. In particular, I work on quantitative verification, which is used to check quantitative properties such as safety, reliability, performance and many others. See here for a short introduction to the topic.

I lead the development of PRISM, the most widely-used software tool for verification of probabilistic systems. It was originally created as part of my PhD thesis. See here for some pointers about PRISM, or browse the publications and some applications. We have also developed PRISM-games, an extension of the tool for verifying stochastic games.

My research involves building and analysing models with probabilistic and real-time behaviour. I work on novel techniques to improve the scalability of verification (e.g. abstraction, compositionality), game-theoretic verification methods, and applications of these techniques to a variety of areas, including robotics and autonomous systems, computer security, systems biology and DNA computing.

Take a look at my papers and talks to find out more.

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My current interests include: