David Parker
Reader, Computer Science, University of Birmingham

Student Project Ideas

I am interested in the construction, analysis and verification of mathematical models to study the behaviour of, for example:

This might use techniques from a variety of different areas, e.g.:

I am happy to supervise projects in any of these areas. Typically, a project might involve implementing new techniques/functionality to support one of the above and then experimenting with it on some examples. This could, but does not have to, be done by extending or adapting parts of the PRISM tool, whose development I lead from here in Birmingham. A non-exhaustive list of suggestions is included below.

You can a get a feel for how PRISM has been used in some of the areas listed above by looking at the case studies section of the PRISM web site (example areas include security, planning, robotics and synthesis and biological systems)

Other related suggestions are welcome. Send me an email.

Model checking projects (PRISM)

Here are some project ideas that involve developing new functionality in the PRISM tool. PRISM supports analysis of both probabilistic and non-probabilistic models and the project could involve either. Furthermore, the first few projects below, do not assume any specific backround in terms of model checking or automated verification.