SEM242 - Prolog and Logic Programming

This course is supported by World-Wide Web documents. These notes originated from the School of Computer Science in the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom. More precisely, they were written by Peter Hancox mainly in the early hours of the morning at home in the edge of Worcestershire in the English midlands.

These notes are publically accessible and we know they are used by students learning at other universities. If you are a tutor and want to use these notes for group teaching, please ask for a copy rather than using our World-Wide Web server.

These notes will be greatly improved if you report the errors that are bound to creep into teaching material like this. I'd welcome comments about difficulties in using these notes and (of course) any encouraging comments you want to make. Messages should be addressed to The reward for helpful messages is to get your name in the acknowledgements!

The set of documents includes:

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