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Those who Served in the Great War 1914-19

Name Service/regiment
Private F.W. Abel Training Reserve
Sergeant G.T. Abel Worcestershire Regiment
2nd Lieutenant J.A. Abel Royal Army Service Corps
Gunner W. Aldington Royal Garrison Artillery
Lance Corporal R.V. Bache Royal Engineers
Private A. Baggott Machine Gun Corps
Private E. Baggott Machine Gun Corps
Private F. Baker Tank Regiment
Sergeant N. Baldwin Royal Army Service Corps
Private H. Barnett Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Private J.W. Barnett Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Gunner H. Barrett Machine Gun Corps
Private A.R. Bateman Worcestershire Regiment
Private G. Bateman Devonshire Regiment
Bombardier H. Bateman Royal Field Artillery
2nd Lieutenant S.T. Bateman M.M. Worcestershire Regiment
Trooper J. Baxter Dragoons
Private W. Baxter Worcestershire Regiment
Gunner E.H. Baynton Royal Garrison Artillery
Private F. Beddoes Wiltshire Regiment
Private J.B. Beddoes Wiltshire Regiment
Sergeant L. Beddoes Remounts
Trooper T.W. Beddoes Dragoons
Private A.H. Bentley Training Reserve
Seaman T. Berry Royal Navy
Private G. Billingham Durham Light Infantry
Private J. Bingham Royal Marine Light Infantry
Private H. Bishop Army Veterinary Corps
Lance Corporal T. Bissell Military Police
Driver C.H. Bourne Royal Field Artillery
Private G. Bourne Essex Regiment
Private J.Brace Royal Army Service Corps
Driver F. Bracebury Royal Field Artillery
Sapper J. Brewer Royal Engineers
Sergeant J. Brewer Kings Royal Rifle Corps
Signaller W. Brewer Royal Navy
Lance Corporal S. Brickwell Royal Engineers
Private E.C. Brickstock Royal Air Force
Private P.H. Brickstock Royal Army Service Corps
2nd Lieutenant S.I Brickstock Worcestershire Regiment
Lieutenant G.R. Brettell Worcestershire Regiment
Lieutenant W.N. Brettell Worcestershire Regiment
Signaller H.B. Bruton Worcestershire Regiment
Private E.R. Cartwright Devonshire Regiment
Private W. Chamberlain South Staffordshire Regiment
Private A. Chance Royal Army Service Corps
Private A.E Chance Worcestershire Regiment
Private A.S. Chance Welch Regiment
Private F.H. Chance Worcestershire Regiment
Private G.F. Chance Worcestershire Regiment
Private J. Chance Royal Berkshire Regiment
Sergeant J. Chance Royal Army Medical Corps
Private H. Civill Labour Corps
Captain H.H.P. Clarke Royal Army Medical Corps
Sergeant W. Clarke Grenadier Guards
Private F. Coles Worcestershire Regiment
Private G. Collins Canadian Forces
Driver A.T. Cook Royal Garrison Artillery
Private W. Cotterill Worcestershire Regiment
Private H. Cox Royal Army Service Corps
Driver J. Crump Royal Field Artillery
Private J. Cunningham Worcestershire Regiment
Private S.B. Darby Worcestershire Regiment
Trooper J.H. Davies Worcestershire Yeomanry
Private S. Deeley Worcestershire Regiment
Private H.E.J. Dennis Royal Defence Corps
Private A. Donovan Worcestershire Regiment
Private B. Donovan Royal Army Service Corps
Corporal J.T. Doley Royal Army Medical Corps
Private W. Drew Royal Marine Light Infantry
Private B. Durbin Machine Gun Corps
Private F.G. Dyke Worcestershire Regiment
Private G. Edmonds Worcestershire Regiment
Private F. Edwards Worcestershire Regiment
Corporal G. Edwards Worcestershire Regiment
Driver P. Edwards Royal Garrison Artillery
Sergeant A. Eley Worcestershire Regiment
Private P.R Evans Worcestershire Regiment
Gunner H. Eveson Royal Field Artillery
Corporal R. Eveson Worcestershire Regiment
Private G.E. Fisher Welch Regiment
Gunner E.H. Forrest Royal Garrison Artillery
Sergeant C.H. Franks Worcestershire Regiment
Seaman E.F. Franks Royal Navy
Sapper H. Franks Royal Engineers
Seaman H.W. Franks Royal Navy
Private L. Freeman Worcestershire Regiment
Corporal J.W. Fulwood Worcestershire Regiment
Gunner J. Gadd Royal Field Artillery
Private B. Garbett Training Reserve
Private E. Garbett Devonshire Yeomanry
Corporal F. Garbett Royal Engineers
Airman H. Garbett Royal Air Force
Sergeant H. Garbett Machine Gun Corps
Sapper S. Garbett Royal Engineers
Flight Lieutenant G.F. Gibbons Royal Flying Corps
Driver J.W. Goldsmith Royal Army Service Corps
Gunner J.T.H. Goodman Royal Field Artillery
Captain J. Gough Worcestershire Regiment
Major G.H. Green Worcestershire Regiment
Sergeant T. Griffin Royal Field Artillery
Private E.H. Griffiths East Lancashire Regiment
Boy H.W. Griffiths Royal Navy
Sergeant H. Haddon Worcestershire Regiment
Private W. Hales Royal Army Service Corps
Sapper G. Hall Royal Engineers
Private G.H. Hall Worcestershire Regiment
Private R. Hall Worcestershire Regiment
Seaman S. Hall Royal Navy
Seaman S.P. Hall Royal Navy
Driver J.A. Hardwick Royal Field Artillery
Sapper S. Harris Royal Engineers
Private J. Hatfield Royal Fusiliers
Sapper G. Haywood Royal Engineers
Private A. Heathcock Royal Army Service Corps
Private D. Heathcock Durham Light Infantry
Captain H. Heathcock M.M. Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
Private H.M. Heeks Royal Army Service Corps
Private G. Hicks Worcestershire Regiment
Private R.G. Hicks Royal Air Force
Private A. Hill Royal Army Service Corps
Sapper G.J. Hill Royal Engineers
Sapper J. Hill Royal Engineers
Private J.W. Hill South Lancashire Regiment
Private R. Hill Hampshire Regiment
Private R.P Hill Essex Regiment
Gunner S. Hill Royal Field Artillery
Private W.H. Hill Training Reserve
Private J.T. Hingley Royal Berkshire Regiment
Private G.A Hinksman Machine Gun Corps
Private R.W. Hodgson Worcestershire Regiment
Gunner H.J. Holland Royal Garrison Artillery
Private W. Homer Worcestershire Regiment
Sapper G. Horton Royal Engineers
Driver H. How Royal Engineers
Sergeant W. Howles Worcestershire Regiment
Sergeant C. Humphries Worcestershire Regiment
Private B. Hyde Worcestershire Regiment
Private R. Jakeman Hampshire Regiment
Private W. Jakeman Training Reserve
Private E. Jenks Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Signaller T.W. Jenks Dorset Regiment
Private A. Jews Worcestershire Regiment
Private A. Jews Royal Army Service Corps
Private T. Jews Royal Berkshire Regiment
Sapper W. Jews Royal Engineers
Private H. Jones Worcestershire Regiment
Sergeant T. Jones Durham Light Infantry
Sergeant W. Jones Royal Engineers
Airman T. Jordan Royal Air Force
Private G. King Lincolnshire Regiment
Private J.H. King Royal Army Service Corps
Lieutenant L.G. King Northumberland Fusiliers
Lieut Colonel W. Kirkpatrick Royal Army Medical Corps
Boy F. Laight Royal Navy
Corporal G. Laight Worcestershire Regiment
Sapper H.W. Laight Royal Engineers
Private W. Laight Worcestershire Regiment
Sapper C. Lamb Royal Engineers
Private F. Lamb Devonshire Regiment
Corporal T. Lamb Royal Field Artillery
Sergeant W.F. Lamb Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Trooper N. Lambert Worcestershire Yeomanry
Sergeant F. Lane Royal Engineers
Quarter Master Sergeant A. Langford Rifle Brigade
Sergeant H.W. Langford M.M. Worcestershire Regiment
Private W.G. Langford Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Private C.E. Lawrence Worcestershire Regiment
Private G.H. Lawrence Oxford and Buckinghamshire Regiment
Private J.W. Ledbury Oxford and Buckinghamshire Regiment
Corporal N.T. Ledbury Training Reserve
Private F.W. Leeson Royal Army Service Corps
Private T.S. Leeson Lincolnshire Regiment
Driver W.E. Lewis Royal Army Service Corps
Private E.L. Lloyd Worcestershire Regiment
Lance Corporal E.J. Lough Royal Army Service Corps
Corporal G.H. Lunn Royal Engineers
Driver J. Maiden Royal Garrison Artillery
Sergeant F. Malpass Royal Army Service Corps
Gunner A. Marsh Royal Garrison Artillery
Lieutenant G.H. Martin Yorks and Lancs Regiment
Officer PB C. Mellor Red Cross
Sapper D. Meredith Royal Engineers
Staff Sergeant D. Merrifield Royal Engineers
Private H.B. Mobberley Royal Army Pay Corps
Private J.R. Mobberley Oxford and Buckinghamshire Regiment
Corporal G. Moisey East Yorkshire Regiment
Private H.C. Moisey Royal Army Medical Corps
Trooper O.S. Moisey Hussars
Gunner W.E. Moisey Machine Gun Corps
Lieut Colonel A.H. Moody C.B.E. Royal Army Service Corps
Gunner C. Moore Royal Garrison Artillery
2nd Lieutenant D.L. Moore Royal Garrison Artillery
Private O. Moore Royal Army Service Corps
Sapper F.W. Morgan Royal Engineers
Private W.J. Moulder Royal Army Service Corps
Private J.A. Newman Royal Army Service Corps
Private J.R. Newman Royal Army Service Corps
Private T.L. Newman Grenadier Guards
Corporal A.E. Newton Royal Engineers
Sergeant G.A.Noke Royal Engineers
Sergeant Noke Worcestershire Regiment
Airman S.B. Noke Royal Air Force
Telegrapher A.H. Orford Royal Engineers
Seaman W.R. Orford Royal Navy
Private W.T. Packwood Lincolnshire Regiment
Private A. Palmer Hampshire Regiment
Private W.J. Palmer Gloucestershire Regiment
Driver S. Parker Royal Garrison Artillery
Corporal T.V. Parkes Army Veterinary Corps
Private W.B Parkes Grenadier Guards
Sergeant A. Parrish M.M. Royal Army Service Corps
Corporal A.H Parrish Royal Army Service Corps
Private G.H. Partridge Machine Gun Corps
Sapper J. Partridge Royal Engineers
Sapper J. Partridge Royal Engineers
Sapper J.W. Partridge Royal Engineers
Private F. Pearsall Royal Air Force
Private H.E. Pearsall Royal Marine Light Infantry
Private J.E. Pearsall Worcestershire Regiment
Private W.A. Pearsall Worcestershire Regiment
Signaller W.J. Pearsall Worcestershire Regiment
Lieutenant H.G. Pearson Royal Navy
Private A. Perks Royal Army Service Corps
Sapper D.S. Perks Royal Engineers
Corporal H.B. Perks Royal Defence Corps
Trooper H.G.B Perks Berkshire Yeomanry
Battery Sergeant Major T. Perks Royal Field Artillery
Sergeant E.E. Perrins Machine Gun Corps
Telegrapher F.T. Perrins Royal Navy
Private E.F. Perry Worcestershire Regiment
Private G. Perry Hampshire Regiment
Private J.E.B. Perry Royal Air Force
Sapper C.L. Phillips Royal Engineers
Private H.R. Pitt Royal Army Service Corps
Private S. Pope Royal Army Service Corps
Corporal J.W. Postins Royal Field Artillery
Bombardier R.G. Preece Royal Garrison Artillery
Driver T.W. Preece Royal Field Artillery
Trooper F.J. Price Life Guards
Private T. Price Gloucestershire Regiment
Private T.G. Price Welch Regiment
Corporal A. Pyne Training Reserve
Private F. Raybould I Scots
Gunner W. Rea Royal Garrison Artillery
Private W.G. Reynolds  
Private W. Roberts Worcestershire Regiment
Private W.H. Roberts Grenadier Guards
Private F.J. Roden Royal Marine Light Infantry
Private G. Roden Royal Berkshire Regiment
Private G.H. Roper Somerset Light Infantry
Private H. Round Worcestershire Regiment
Private P. Round Rifle Brigade
Lieutenant R.W. Rutland Remounts
Private S.J. Savage Worcestershire Regiment
Private A. Shilvock Royal Army Service Corps
Sergeant F Shilvock Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Sapper F. Shilvock Royal Engineers
Private G. Shilvock Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry
Private H. Shilvock Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Private J. Shilvock Worcestershire Regiment
Private S. Shilvock Army Veterinary Corps
Private W. Shilvock Royal Army Service Corps
Private S.H. Simister Royal Fusiliers
Captain F.H. Simms Royal Warwickshire Regiment
2nd Lieutenant G.H. Simms Indian Army
Lieutenant H.M. Simms Royal Engineers
Lance Corporal A. Skelding Worcestershire Regiment
Private C.H. Skelding Worcestershire Regiment
Private F. Skelding Worcestershire Regiment
Private G. Skelding Worcestershire Regiment
Private V. Skelding Worcestershire Regiment
Private W.A. Skelding Worcestershire Regiment
Corporal A. Smith Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Lance Corporal D. Smith Worcestershire Regiment
Private D. Smith Shropshire Light Infantry
Bombardier H. Smith Royal Field Artillery
Private J. Smith Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Private J. Smith Training Reserve
Sapper S.A. Smith Royal Engineers
Sapper T.H. Smith Royal Engineers
Bombardier W.H. Smith Royal Garrison Artillery
Private W. Smithman Worcestershire Regiment
Private A. Solman Worcestershire Regiment
Private E.V. Solman Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
Lance Corporal C.E. Southall East Surrey Regiment
Private E. Southall M.M. Worcestershire Regiment
Corporal F. Southall East Surrey Regiment
Private G.H. Southall Northamptonshire Regiment
Servant J. Southall Royal Navy
Corporal J. Southall East Surrey Regiment
Private J.C. Southall South Staffordshire Regiment
Sergeant T.S. Sparry Worcestershire Regiment
Private H.J. Spicer Royal Army Medical Corps
Corporal H.J. Stringer Royal Engineers
Private J.E. Stokes Coldstream Guards
2nd Lieutenant G.H. Sutton Royal Garrison Artillery
2nd Lieutenant J.F. Sutton Royal Field Artillery
Lieutenant L.J. Sutton Royal Garrison Artillery
Corporal W.H. Sutton Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Private E. Talbot Worcestershire Regiment
Lance Corporal P. Talbot Worcestershire Regiment
Drummer W.H. Talbot Canadian Forces
Private A.G. Taylor Royal Fusiliers
Lieut Colonel G.H. Taylor T.D.M. Royal Field Artillery
Private H. Taylor Royal Army Service Corps
Driver L.J. Taylor Royal Army Service Corps
Private A.R. Thomas Machine Gun Corps
Lieutenant C.A.G. Thomas Royal Garrison Artillery
Lieut Colonel C.W. Thomas T.D.M. Worcestershire Regiment
Major E.M. Thomas Machine Gun Corps
Lieutenant L. Thomas Northumberland Fusiliers
Private G.A. Thompson Worcestershire Regiment
Sergeant L.T. Thompson Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Private W. Thorns Worcestershire Regiment
Private H. Tompkins Worcestershire Regiment
Private J. Tompkins Worcestershire Regiment
Private W. Tompkins Worcestershire Regiment
Company Quarter Master Sergeant W. Toogood Worcestershire Regiment
Private F. Topliss Worcestershire Regiment
Private J. Topliss Worcestershire Regiment
Private G. Trenchard Royal Army Service Corps
Stoker J.T. Turner Royal Navy
Gunner W. Turner Royal Field Artillery
Private W. Tyler Worcestershire Regiment
Airman C.E. Vann Royal Air Force
Bombardier C.M. Voce Royal Field Artillery
Gunner J.H. Wakelam Royal Field Artillery
Lance Corporal H.F. Walker Machine Gun Corps
Private G.E. Walters East Surrey Regiment
Private T.F. Walters Worcestershire Regiment
Private W.H. Walters Worcestershire Regiment
Private G.F. Warr Royal Marine Light Infantry
Airman D.L. Warr Royal Air Force
Private J.M. Warr M.M. Royal Army Medical Corps
Lance Corporal G.H. Watkins Royal Engineers
Captain W. Watkins Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Gunner P.J. Watson Royal Field Artillery
Airman G. Weaver Royal Air Force
Pte F. Webb Royal Air Force
Sapper W. Whitehouse Royal Engineers
Private W.H. Whitehouse Machine Gun Corps
Private E.E. Wilkinson Worcestershire Regiment
Sergeant W. Willetts Royal Berkshire Regiment
Trooper A.H. Williams Northumberland Yeomanry
Private C.F. Williams Worcestershire Regiment
Sergeant W.S. Williams Worcestershire Regiment
Private J.E. Woodier Training Reserve
Gunner G.H. Wordsworth Honourable Artillery Company
Private J. Worrall Army Veterinary Corps
Lieutenant E.L. Wright Worcestershire Regiment
Private J.J. Wyre Worcestershire Regiment
Trooper C.F. Yardley Lancers
2nd Lieutenant J.H. Yardley Royal Field Artillery
Private A.E. Yeadon Royal Army Medical Corps
Lance Corporal H. Yeadon Worcestershire Regiment
Private B. Young Royal Welch Fusiliers
Battery Sergeant Major T.W. Young Royal Horse Artillery

A longer introduction to the Great War memorials in St Mary's Oldswinford has been published by St. Mary's P.C.C. and is available in local book shops and libraries. A Memorial File has also been compiled giving detailed information about each of those who died and is available for inspection in the church. Roy Peacock, who has compiled the material, would be grateful for any information about the persons named on the memorials and may be contacted through the Rectory Office or by email.

Those who Died in the Great War 1914-19

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