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Dr Peter Coxhead

Between 1998 and 2008, I taught a final year module on Natural Language Processing & Applications at both Aston University and the University of Birmingham. Some resources from this teaching may still be useful, and are linked from here.

» NLP Glossary. Attempts to explain linguistic terms simply to non-specialists.

» NLP Interactive. This web site was originally prepared as his final year project by Dean Parker, a student from Aston University who graduated in 2000. It consists of online interactive tests and exercises, based on the approach of my lectures and the NLP Glossary.

» English Verbs. A discussion of the syntax and semantics of English verbs.

Lecture Notes A full set of notes (linked below) is available from the last set of lectures I delivered (in the Academic Year 2007/08). Note that these are no longer updated!

Topic Subtopic Notes (PDF)
Introduction to NLP » NLPA-Intro
Sound Systems » NLPA-Phon1
» NLPA-Phon2
Grammar Morphology » NLPA-Morph
Syntax » NLPA-Syntax
Meaning » NLPA-Meaning
Answers to Selected Exercises» NLPA-Ans