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XML, XHTML, CSS and Javascript

I previously taught a module called Information and the Web. Some of the material developed for this module (and for other purposes) may be more generally useful, so is linked from here.

Summaries & Libraries

XHTMLSummary of Core XHTML
ISO Latin1 alphabet (special characters)
Sample web safe colours
CSSCore CSS Properties & Values

Teaching Material

XML & DTDs Introduction to XML
Valid XML & DTDs
XHTML Introduction to XHTML
Summary of Core XHTML
CSS Introduction to CSS
Core CSS Properties & Values
Javascript Introduction to Javascript for Java Programmers (includes links to the examples)
Javascript examplesExample 1-1General demonstration of Javascript
Example 1-2Action with a button
Example 1-3Actions with a button
Example 7-1document.write(); dates and times
Example 7-2Calculations with dates
Example 12-1onclick attribute & event handling
Example 12-2Event handling; simple Javascript calculator
Example 14-1Manipulating CSS
Example 14-2Manipulating CSS; using objects
Example 14-3Allowing user interaction with objects
Example 14-4Animation via CSS [Firefox or Safari]
Example 15-1Manipulating HTML
Example 15-2Creating HTML elements; see also a Javascript version of the '15' puzzle
Example 16-1Requesting and using an XML file (simple display)
Example 16-2Requesting and using an XML file (creating a table for display)
Example 16-2aAs Ex16-2, but with dynamic sorting
Example 16-3Requesting and using an XML file (with partial display of the data)
Example 16-4Requesting and using specific XML
Additional Material on JavascriptInformation Hiding & Inheritance in Javascript
Javascript LibrariesA separate web page describes a number of Javascript libraries which may be of use to others. These provide functions to handle 'writing' to web pages, sets, binary trees, matrices, etc.



In developing the resources linked from here, versions of Firefox extant around 2008 were used. Compatibility with other browsers and later versions of Firefox is not guaranteed!

XMLEditor, also available on multiple platforms, is a useful piece of software for checking the validity of XML documents.