Kashif Rajpoot

Senior Lecturer

School of Computer Science

University of Birmingham

k.m.rajpoot AT cs.bham.ac.uk


Programme Director (Computer Science)

University of Birmingham Dubai

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Research Interests

medical image analysis, cardiovascular imaging, cardiac electrophysiology, computational pathology, machine learning

I am particularly interested in the development and application of computational algorithms and machine learning for understanding and analysing biomedical data, in particular medical images.


I studied for post-doc and PhD in Medical Image Analysis (Sep'2009) from University of Oxford (UK) with Professor Alison Noble. During this time, I worked on problems in registration, segmentation, tracking, feature extraction, and multi-view fusion of 3D echocardiography images to develop techniques for multi-view 3d echocardiography analysis.
I have been at Birmingham since early 2016. Prior to that, I obtained research, academic and international experience at various reputable institutions including University of Oxford (UK), King Faisal University (Saudi Arabia), National University of Sciences & Technology (Pakistan), and GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology (Pakistan).


At Birmingham, I have taught the following modules: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Introduction to Software Engineering, Machine Learning, Introductory Computer Science, and Computational Tools for Modelling and Analysis. Prior to Birmingham, I have taught a variety of modules in computer science at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, for example: Artificial Intelligence, Applied Image Processing, Digital Image Processing, Fundamentals of Programming, and Data Structures.

Recent Research Highlights

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Novel software may help detect heart diseases: Study
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