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Planning and Planning Extended

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Planning and Planning Extended 2012-13

The slides from 2011 are currently available here. I'll update them with changes made this year over time.

Topics and Slides

Topic Slides Exercises Solutions
Introduction to planning, PDDL Slides
Situation calculus, frame problem Slides Exercise sheet 1 Solutions 1
STRIPS slides Exercise sheet 2 Solutions 2
Plan space planning slides. The plan-space example step by step. Exercise sheet 3 Solutions 3
SATPlan, GraphPlan slides. Exercise sheet 4 Solutions 4
FF, hierarchcal planning, HTNs and STNs slides.
The Mars rover planner slides.

All students in Planning Extended will present a paper in the final two weeks of the semester. The assessment sheet is here. The papers can be chosen from the list below (this is an old version - I will add some newer papers, but I won't remove any), or you can suggest planning-related papers yourself, in which case you need approval from me first.

Papers to choose your presentation from.

Exercise Questions

Note that the answers are designed mostly as notes for me, rather than complete answers. Some of the questions may not have answers given (mostly because I've only drawn them by hand). Many questions don't have definitive answers, they're designed to generate discussion in class. The exercise sheets are in the table above.