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The IEEE SERVICES 2015 Visionary Track:

The Future of Software Engineering FOR and IN Cloud

New York, USA

One day between June 27th and July 2, 2015 (Co-located
with ICWS 2015, MS 2015, SCC 2015, CLOUD 2015).



FoSEC is the flagship workshop for software engineering for/in the cloud run within the IEEE World Congress on Services.  The workshop builds on the success of the previous versions and its special issue to the Journal of Systems on Software, featuring contributions from some of the top scholars in software engineering researchers and practitioners. Practitioners are very likely to beg, borrow and steal from software engineering in-the-small to benefit the case of software engineering for the ultra-large-scale, as it is the case of the cloud. Though the fundamentals of engineering software in both paradigms exhibit resemblance, software engineering for the cloud require novel approaches, which address the interplay between technical, economics-driven considerations and shifts software engineering towards a utility-based engineering for software-, infrastructure-, data storage and/or platform- as services. The goal of this workshop is to address these gaps by strengthening the cross-fertilization of advances from software engineering, services and cloud computing. The workshop will explore, debate and increase our understanding to the following: (i) how recent advances in software engineering (with an emphasis on software architectures, architecting dependable systems, self-adaptive software architectures, economics-driven software engineering, risk management, security software engineering, green software engineering and testing) can(not) relate to the case of cloud; (ii) what are the most recent innovations, trends, results, experiences and concerns in the field that appraise the paradigm-shift in engineering software systems as cloud services or cloud infrastructure; (iii) what are the open research directions for software engineering FOR the cloud?; (iv) how the paradigm will shape the future of engineering software IN the cloud i.e. benefiting from the cloud infrastructure, virtualization and economics of scale. The workshop thus aims to bridge the gap between software engineering, services, businesses and cloud computing communities by specifically addressing the challenges for software engineering FOR and IN the cloud.

List of topics
* Requirements engineering in and for the cloud;
* Relating non-functional requirements to architectures for cloud environments;
* Architecting for the cloud;
* Patterns and architectural styles for the cloud;
* Agile software development on the cloud;
* Engineering security, trust and privacy in architectures for cloud
* Engineering for performance, reliability, heterogeneity, safety,
scalability, real-time and dependability in cloud architectures;
* Service-level management for the cloud;
* Services engineering for the cloud;
* Model-driven engineering for the cloud;
* Environments and tools support for the cloud;
* Testing for the cloud;
* Maintenance and evolution for the cloud;
* Risk management in the cloud;
* Engineering sustainability in cloud architectures;
* Economics-driven engineering for the cloud;
* Cloud services as utilities;
* Empirical and industrial studies;
* Cloud Software Engineering education.

Important Dates
Full Paper Submission Due Date: April 15, 2015
Decision Notification (Electronic): April 30, 2015
Accepted Paper Camera-Ready Copy to the IEEE FTP Site Due Date: May 10, 2015

Submission Information
Authors are invited to submit full papers (about 8 pages) or short papers (about 4 pages) as per IEEE 8.5 x 11 manuscript guidelines ( All papers should be in PDF and submitted via at the submission system. First time users need to register with the system first. All the accepted papers by the workshops will be included in the Proceedings of the IEEE 2014 World Congress on Services (SERVICES 2014) which will be published by IEEE Computer Society. Following the previous workshop, a special issue with the Journal of Systems and Software (JSS Elsevier) is currently underway. We expect to arrange for a special journal issue targeting a theme related to this year workshop (featuring extended and invited contributions).

Papers will be reviewed by three program committee members and will be selected depending on their originality, quality and relevance to the workshop. Each accepted paper will have to be presented in person by (one of) the author(s). To foster lively and productive discussions, each author will be encouraged to present open questions to the forum and one or two main statements for discussion at the workshop brainstorming session. We aim to arrange for a special thematic journal issue, featuring the best papers presented in the workshop for this year. We also plan to have a book on the theme.

Rami Bahsoon, The University of Birmingham, UK,
Nour Ali, Lero, University of Brighton, UK

Ivan Mistrik, Independent Consultant, Germany
T. S. Mohan, Infosys Technologies, India


FoSEC Session 1

Session Chair: Rami Bahsoon, University of Birmingham, UK


Task Scheduling on the Cloud with Hard Constraints (#8729) (SERVICES2015-6014)

Long Thai (University of St Adnrews GB) Blesson Varghese (University of St Andrews) Adam Barker (University of St

Andrews GB)


An Platform Based Distributed Service Framework for Large-scale Cloud Ecosystem Development

(#8901) (SERVICES2015-6015)

Bo Hu (Kingdee China)


SPEEDL - A Declarative Event-Based Language to Define the Scaling Behavior of Cloud Applications

(#8027) (SERVICES2015-6016)

Rostyslav Zabolotnyi (Vienna UniversityAT) Philipp Leitner ( University of Zurichswitzerland) Stefan Schulte

(Vienna University) Schahram Dustdar (Vienna University)



FoSEC Session 2

Session Chair: Nour Ali, University of Brighton, UK


Efficient Virtual Machine Sizing For Hosting Containers as a Service (#8720) (SERVICES2015-6017)

Sareh Fotuhi Piraghaj (The University of Melbourne,AU) Amir Vahid Dastjerdi (The University of Melbourne)

Rodrigo N. Calheiros (The University of Melbourne) Rajkumar Buyya (The University of Melbourne)


Wind: Management and Orchestration in the Distributed Heterogeneous Cloud (#8699) (SERVICES2015-


Joacim Halén (Ericsson Research San Jose) Stefan Hellkvist (Ericsson Research Kista) Stephan Baucke (Ericsson

Research San Jose) Fetahi Wuhib (Ericsson Research Kista) Yağız Onat Yazır (Ericsson Research San Jose)


Automating Performance and Energy Consumption Analysis for Cloud Applications (#8063)


Feifei Chen (Swinburne UniversityAustralia) John Grundy (Swinburne University) Jean-Guy Schneider (Swinburne

University) Yun Yang (Swinburne University) Qiang He (Swinburne University)


FoSEC Session 3

Session Chair:


Predicting Resource Allocation and Costs for Business Processes in the Cloud (#8154) (SERVICES2015-


Toni Mastelic (Vienna UniversityAustria) Walid Fdhila (University of Vienna) Ivona Brandic (Vienna University of

Technology) Stefanie Rinderle-Ma (University of ViennaAustria)


DeltaScaling: How resources scalability/termination can be taken place Economically? (#8101)


Yousri Kouki (ASCOLA Research Group Mines-Nantes, France) Md Sabbir Hasan (ASCOLA Research Group MinesNantes,

France) Thomas Ledoux (ASCOLA Research Group Mines-Nantes, France)


Automated Mobile Testing as a Service (AM-TaaS) (#7981) (SERVICES2015-6022)

Isabel Karina Villanes Rojas (UFAM, BR) Erick Alexandre Bezerra Costa (UFAM) Arilo Claudio Dias-Neto (UFAM)