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Birmingham Distributed, Autonomous and Intelligent Software Engineering Lab:

The lab conducts investigations into two intertwined themes, Distributed Software Engineering Foundation Research and Software Engineering for Emerging Distributed and Autonomous Paradigms: Self-adaptive and managed Software systems, Cloud, Services/Microservices, IoT and Blockchain. Since the early inception of cloud computing, the lab was among the first to conduct research and train PhDs in the fundamentals of software engineering in/for the cloud; self-adaptive and managed cloud architectures; software architecture for cloud and Bigdata; cloud elasticity and auto-scaling; microservices and IoT. The lab has also long standing track in investigations that relate to economics-driven software engineering research; requirements and software architecture; technical debt management in software; autonomic, self-aware and managed software architecture; and computational intelligence in software engineering.

The lab seeks outstanding and exceptionally motivated PhD students to join us. We also welcome research vistors and collaborators. Please contact Dr Rami Bahsoon to discuss.


Fellows and Associates

  • Dr Catriona Kennedy (2011-2012, 2022)
  • Dr Carlos Mera Gomez(2021-2022)
  • Dr Funmilade Faniyi(2021-2022)
  • Dr Tao Chen (Honorary Research Fellow)
  • Dr Leticia Duboc(Honorary Research Fellow)

Previous Research Visitors

Current PhD Students

  • Sabreen Ahmadjee, supervisor: Rami Bahsoon and Kashif Rajpoot (Birmingham Dubai)
  • Hayatullahi Adeyemo, supervisor: Rami Bahsoon
  • Hanouf Alghanmi, supervisor: Rami Bahsoon
  • Akram Alofi, supervisors: Rami Bahsoon and Robert Hendley
  • Suwichak Fungprasertkul, supervisors: Rami Bahsoon, Xin Yao, Rick Kazman
  • Francisco Ramirez, supervisors: Rami Bahsoon, Dave Parker and Y. Zhang(Sustech)
  • Vahab Samandi, supervisors: Peter Tino and Rami Bahsoon
  • Hargyo Tri Nugroho, supervisor: Rami Bahsoon
  • Paola Yanez, supervisors: Rami Bahsoon, David Galindo and Y. Zhang(SUStech)
  • Nan Zhang, supervsiors: Rami Bahsoon, Peter Tino and Georgios Theodoropoulos(SUStech)
  • Mohammed Alshammari, supervsiors: Rami Bahsoon
  • George Diamantopoulos, supervsiors: Rami Bahsoon, Nikos Tziritas and Georgios Theodoropoulos(SUStech)

PhD Completed Under my supervison(since 2009)

  • Dr Vivek Nallur '2012, A decentralized self-adaptation mechanism for service-based applications in the cloud.supervised by: Rami Bahsoon, previously research fellow at Lero/Trinty College Dublin, now Assistant Prof at University College Dublin
  • Dr Christopher Staite '2012, supervised by: Rami Bahsoon, now at GCHQ
  • Dr Funmi Onolaja '2012, supervised by: Rami Bahsoon and Georgios Theodoropoulos, Previously at PrePay, Accenture now at PWC, UK
  • Dr Sarah AlAzzani '2014, supervised by: Rami Bahsoon, previously Senior Security Software Engineer at Accenture, now Senior Security Software Engineer at CGI
  • Dr Funmilade Faniyi'2015, supervised by: Rami Bahsoon, now Senior Software Consultant, CRM London
  • Dr Shehnila Zardari '2015, supervised by: Rami Bahsoon, now Prof at Ned University, Pakistan
  • Dr Esra Alzaghoul '2015, supervised by: Rami Bahsoon, now Assistant Prof at University of Jordan
  • Dr Marwah Alansari '2015,supervised by: Behzad Bordbar and Rami Bahsoon
  • Dr Tao Chen '2016, supervised by: Rami Bahsoon, previously Reserarch Fellow at University of Birmingham, now Assistant Prof in Computer Science at Loughbrough University, UK
  • Dr Faisal Alrebeish '2016, supervised by: Rami Bahsoon, now reseracher at King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia
  • Dr Bendra Ojameruaye '2016, supervised by: Rami Bahsoon, now Security Software Analyst at University of Warwick, UK
  • Dr Abdessalam Elhabbash '2017, supervised by: Rami Bahsoon and Peter Tino, now Lecturer in Distributed Systems at Lancaster University, UK
  • Dr Giannis Tziakouris '2017, supervised by: Rami Bahsoon and Tom Chothia, now at Interpol, R&D
  • Dr Maria Salama '2018, supervised by: Rami Bahsoon, now postdoc at Lancaster University, UK
  • Dr Carlos Joseph Mera Gomez '2019, supervisors: Rami Bahsoon and Rajkumar Buyya, now Assistant Prof at ESPOL, Ecuador.
  • Dr Sara Hassan '2019, supervisor: Rami Bahsoon, now Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering at Birmingham City University, UK
  • Dr Dalia Sobhy '2019, supervisor: Rami Bahsoon and Leandro Minku, now Assistant Prof. Arab Academy Egypt.
  • Dr Mashael AlBarak, '2020, supervisor: Rami Bahsoon, now Assistant Prof. King Saud University, SA.
  • Dr Alexandros Evangelidis, supervisors: Dave Parker and Rami Bahsoon, now Research Fellow Technical University Munich, Germany
  • Dr Satish Kumar, '2021, supervisors: Rami Bahsoon, Tao Chen and Rajkumar Buyya. now Research Fellow, University of Leeds, UK*
  • Dr Paola Yanez, '2022, now Teaching Fellow, University of Birmingham, UK.

Theses and topics can be found here

Projects and enabling activities

Gollaborating Labs (incomplete list)

  • Software Engineering and Cloud Computing Lab at the University of Melbourne
  • Software Engineering Group at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA
  • The group of Rick Kazman at the University of Hawaii and Software Engineering Institute/CMU
  • Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech)
  • Software Systems Engineering Group at University College London
  • Software Engineering Group at Brunel University London
  • Software Engineering at the University of Leicester
  • Software and Services Group at the Free University of Amesterdam
  • Distributed Systems group at University of Lancaster