The International Workshop on Software Architectures and Mobility

In conjunction with

The 31st International Conference on
Software Engineering
Vancouver, Canada, 16 - 24 May 2009


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Welcome to the 2nd ICSE International Workshop on Software Architectures and Mobility (ICSE SAM 2009).

9th February 2009- Extended Submission Deadline!

For two categories: (i) half-baked thoughts (up to 4 pages of extended Abstracts) and (ii) regular submissions. Please refer to the submission page for more details.

E-businesses are increasingly facing the need of porting the provision of their e-services to mobile customers. Evolving requirements, such as reliability, security, scalability, performance and privacy, from fixed to mobile settings, has revealed new and important challenges. This is due to the behavioral constraints that mobility poses, and that were not faced in traditional distributed settings. Examples include: dynamic network topology, changes in location, constrained resource availability, communication protocols heterogeneity, unstable connectivity, and so forth. Industrial practice is demonstrating that such transition is not straightforward and tends to be costly. In particular, the evolution may break the architecture of the software system, thus calling for substantial and expensive changes. Even when the system is (re)built from scratch, it is unclear if and how the state-of-the-art in software architectures relate to the requirements and concerns brought forward by mobile software systems. Likewise, there is still a lack of systematic software engineering methods and techniques, which can assist in developing and evolving mobile software systems. The goal of this workshop is to address these gaps by strengthening the cross-fertilization of advances from requirements and domain engineering, software architectures, and middleware to systematically develop and evolve architectures supporting mobility.



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