Steve Vickers


Dr Steve Vickers

School of Computer Science
The University of Birmingham,
Birmingham, B15 2TT, UK.
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Tel: 0121-414 3743
Office: Room 215 Computer Science
Office hours: Consult my personal timetable.


My particular research interests are in geometric logic, topology and topos theory. These are areas of mathematics that have connections with computer science, although my work in them is often purely mathematical. One particular focus, which was funded by an EPSRC grant, is the connections with some new topos approaches to quantum physics. This has proved to be an interesting case study in geometric logic.

On the research page you can also find opportunities for PhD study with me. If you are interested in doing that, look at my Research page and feel free to contact me.

I am a member of the Theoretical Computer Science research group.

Before I joined Birmingham I was at the Department of Pure Maths at the Open University, and before that I was at the Department of Computing at Imperial College, where I worked in the Theory and Formal Methods group.

You can download many of my papers and talks, and also theses of some of my former PhD students.

For three years from September 2009 I was principal investigator on an EPSRC-funded project Applications of geometric logic to topos approaches to quantum theory, an interdisciplinary project to apply my mathematical research to some new applications of topos theory to physics.


I teach two modules this year. Further details and course material can be found on Canvas.

  • Introduction to Computer Science (semester 1)
  • Introduction to Mathematics for Computer Science (semester 2)

You can also see some individual projects I might supervise and my project orientation lecture slides on "Writing good dissertations".

Other teaching material -


I am Senior Tutor for the School of Computer Science, which means I get to deal with students who plagiarize or who don't study or who misbehave in some other way. Let's hope that's not you.

Previous lives

My PhD (at Leeds) was in algebra under the supervision of Alfred Goldie, and my thesis was "Universal Strongly Regular Rings" (1979).

After that I was a computer programmer for several years. I wrote the ROM and user manuals for two Sinclair computers, the ZX81 and the ZX Spectrum. Then with Richard Altwasser I founded Jupiter Cantab Ltd, which produced the Forth-based Jupiter Ace microcomputer. You might be amused by this video of Spectrums playing part of a Mahler symphony.