Tips and useful resources

Windows Deployment Service (WDS) - Vista & Windows 7 Unattended Installations
Generating Windows IAS PEAP certificates using openssl
Changing Active Directory passwords via LDAP using PHP
Synchronising Thunderbird (Lightning) Calendar with Exchange 2007/2010
Getting OpenSSH and Windows 2003 server working
Resizing NTFS partitions via PXE under Linux
Generate media barcodes dynamically

Steve's Top Tips

  • Want GNOME to put applications on a designated workspace or set its geometry at startup?
    Try using devilspie
  • Can't get Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) or Windows System Image Manager to create a catalog or get Parameter count mismatch errors?
    Try exporting the image first then creating the catalog from it. More info about WAIK and WDS...
  • Run explorer as administrator:
    runas /user:administrator "explorer.exe /separate"
  • View the contents of a source rpm:
    rpm2cpio rar-3.8.0-1.rf.src.rpm | cpio -it
  • Generate a UNIX password with OpenSSL: openssl passwd -1 my-password