Tom de Jong

I am a PhD student at the University of Birmingham.
My supervisor is Martín Escardó and my co-supervisor is Benedikt Ahrens.

Contact details

Room 218
School of Computer Science
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT
United Kingdom

My email address is: t.dejong[symbol]

Research interests & background

I am interested in univalent mathematics, computability, realizability (toposes) and category theory.

I obtained a double bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Mathematics at Utrecht University in 2015.
I completed a research master in Mathematics at the same university in 2018.
My master's thesis was on the realizability topos of Scott's graph model and was supervised by Jaap van Oosten.
I have been a PhD student at the University of Birmingham since October 2018.

Recent work



My GitHub page


Last modified on: 17 October 2019.