Todd Waugh Ambridge

Ph.D. Student Researcher
Theory Group, School of Computer Science
University of Birmingham

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I am currently in my first year of Ph.D. study under the supervision of Dan Ghica.
My current research involves the design and development of programming languages for machine learning, as well as diagrammatic programming languages.

Papers / Talks / Tools

Local Reasoning for Robust Observational Equivalence
(Dan R. Ghica, Koko Muroya and Todd Waugh Ambridge)
Working draft paper on observational equivalence in a language with effects via The Spartan Calculus [x]
Talk presented by myself @ PERR 2019 [x]

Spartan Visualiser
(Todd Waugh Ambridge)
An implementation of the GoI-style programming language framework 'The Spartan Calculus' [x]

A Graph-Rewriting Perspective of the Beta-Law
(Dan R. Ghica, Koko Muroya and Todd Waugh Ambridge)
Abstract presented by Koko Muroya @ LOLA 2018 [x] [x]


DeepLearn 3 - Warsaw, Poland (July 2019)
FoCS MGS 2019 - Birmingham, UK (April 2019)
PERR 2019 - Prague, Czech Republic (April 2019)
SYCO 1 - Birmingham, UK (September 2018)
AchimFest - Birmingham, UK (September 2018)
LOLA 2018 - Oxford, UK (July 2018)



This term I am a TA for the second-year Functional Programming module. 

Need help? Please ask questions!
Come and see me in the lab: LG04, Wednesday @ 12-1pm.                                                                                                                

Outside of Computer Science

I am an editor and writer for Redbrick Film, the film section of the University of Birmingham student newspaper.

I also regularly walk-lead for the Wayfarers Hiking Society, which I volunteered as a committee member for for four years (2014-18).

Please email me at if you wish to contact me!
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