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Valeria de Paiva 

(picture by Thomas Forster, 2004)

Valeria de Paiva is a  mathematician and computer scientis working in California, USA
at the Natural Language and AI Research Laboratory of Nuance Communications, Inc.
She was, until September 2010, a search analyst for Cuill, Inc. in Menlo Park, CA. She also worked for Rearden Commerce, now Deem, Inc.
She was (for almost nine years) a research scientist at
the Intelligent Systems Laboratory of PARC (Palo Alto Research Center), California.
She received her PhD in Mathematics from Cambridge University for work on "Dialectica Categories",
and has ever since worked on logical approaches to computation, especially using Category Theory.

She's  an Honorary Research Fellow at the School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham, UK.

New homepage at valeriadepaiva@org. (not working well, yet..)

Email: valeria.depaiva at gmail.com.

(In case you were really looking for my husband, his email is Dick.Crouch at gmail.com.)

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Editorial Work

Research Projects

 A few  talks that will, perhaps, become papers some day:

Other Fun Stuff

My DBLP entry.

My PARC bibliography, as remembered by the WayBack machine in October 2007.

My ACM profile.

My entry in Google Scholar, and the dialectica categories version as computed by Paul Taylor.

My entry in the Mathematical Genealogy, and illustrious ancestors, as computed by Alber.

The  EU-funded TYPES and APPSEM working groups.

A British Council small collaborative project Alliance with the teams at Nancy and ENS (Paris), France.

The British Logic Colloquium,  and the Brazilian Logic Society (SBL).

My Microsoft Academic Search page has been given to someone else.

Facebook, LinkedIn and CiteULike accounts. Citation software. LogCats and Cartas. Flickr and arXiv, one of these days.


I do like to work with other people. Here is an incomplete (and vaguely chronological) list of people I am working with/have worked with:


I am a Brazilian, who misses very much Rio de Janeiro. My old `alma mater' is PUC in Rio.
But my work `alma mater' is Cambridge, where I spent 11 years.
I am especially fond of the computer laboratory.

I have a lovely daughter, a beautiful son and a great husband.
A few pictures of the kids are here, they need updating badly.

A blog is de riguer, nowadays. Mine is not about work, in case you were wondering.
But I hope to get a work one, soon.
Some work blogs that I'd like to check, once in a while: Andrej, Zach, and Restall.