(Not so old) Meetings

(Old) Meetings' Organisation

LiCS affiliated Workshop: `Chu Spaces: Theory and Applications', 25 June 2000, Santa Barbara, CA

Vaughan Pratt and I organised the first workshop on Chu Spaces: Theory and Applications. Chu Spaces are mathematical structures that have found recent application to modelling concurrent processes, information flow, foundations of mathematics and also Linear Logic. The workshop was concerned with the theory and applications of Chu Spaces, and other neighbors like the Dialectica-construction and the double-glueing construction. Here's some more information about the Chu Spaces Workshop, including the programme.

Linear Logic and Applications 22-27 August 1999

Eike Ritter, Josef van Genabith and I organised a Dagstuhl seminar on Linear Logic and Applications. More information on the talks given can be obtained from the report on the Seminar. See also the Dagstuhl office .

Wolam2 (Worskhop on Logical Abstract Machines 2) 14-16 July 1999

Eike Ritter and I organised the second workshop on logical abstract machines, a follow up to the one which was part of ESSLLI'98 in Saarbruecken, August 1998. This informal workshop tied in our research on abstract machines for Linear Logic with other approaches. Beware we use 'logical' in a very narrow sense: we mean taking seriously the Curry-Howard Isomorphism. The call for papers and participation can be found here.

Linear Logic in Natural Language II 4 November 98

The same suspects, ie Dick Crouch, Josef van Genabith, Mark Hepple and I organised another one day, very informal meeting on Linear Logic in Natural Language.Francois Lamarche was our guest speaker.

Logical Abstract Machines 17-24 August 1998

Eike Ritter and I  organized a Workshop on Logical Abstract Machines (WoLAM) as part of the 10th European Summer School on Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI) in Saarbruecken. The call for papers can be found here.

66th PSSL 28-29 March 1998

Neil Ghani, Eike Ritter and I  organised of the 66th Peripatetic Seminar on Sheaves and Logic, which happen in the School of Computer, University of Birmingham, 28-29th March 1998. More information can be found here.

Linear Logic in Natural Language 20 March 97

Together with Dick Crouch, Josef van Genabith and Mark Hepple I organised a (one day, very informal) meeting on Linear Logic in Natural Language.

LOGSEM Workshop 13-16 September 96

Together with Professor Achim Jung I organised a Workshop on Logic and Semantics of Programming Languages. We also produced a technical report with (some of) the abstracts of the talks given. You can ask the SCS Librarian for a copy.

Teaching (here for sentimental reasons)