Natural Computation Techniques for Intelligent Manufacturing

This project is supported by the European Commission (ASI/B7-301/97/0126-08). 1/7/2001-30/6/2002. The project coordinator is Professor Xin Yao and partners are Dr. Hans-Michael Voigt and Professor Kalyanmoy Deb.

Project Abstract

The project addresses natural computation techniques that include neural networks, evolutionary computation and various artificial intelligence techniques (e.g. expert systems). The project will provide eight taught courses at the postgraduate level in the university context. The courses will be designed, developed and delivered by leading international experts. They aim to provide the very latest ITC technologies to people in the manufacturing industry. The courses cover a number of topics in neural networks , evolutionary computation, molecular and quantum computation and artificial intelligence techniques.

Postgraduate Courses Developed and Delivered

Six taught modules and three project modules have been developed as part of this project. These nine modules are offered as part of our MSc in Natural Computation programme. Eight students from India in this programme (2001/02) are supported our project. More information about the MSc in Natural Computation can be found as follows.

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