Xin Yao's Current Grants

  1. Royal Society International Exchange with China. ``Dynamic Optimization of Software Architectures for Cloud Applications''. GBP12,000. UK PI: Xin Yao, China Co-I: Xin Du. 31/3/2016 - 31/3/2018.

  2. Royal Society-Newton Mobility Grant (with Malaysia). ``Learning the Pareto optimal solutions for vehicle dynamics on Proton Gen-2 with hybrid powertrain''. Total sum: GBP11,181. Royal Society Award: GBP5,591. ASM/MIGHT's contribution: MYR40,200 per year. Malaysia PI: Cheng Wai Kheng, UK Co-I: Xin Yao. 16/3/2016 - 15/3/2018.

  3. Royal Society Newton Advanced Fellowship. ``Data-Driven Meta-heuristic Search''. GBP90,000. Fellow: Ke Tang from China, UK Host: Xin Yao. 15/3/2016 - 14/3/2019.

  4. Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH. ``Experienced-based Optimisation''. EURO180,000. 1/2/2016 - 31/1/2019. Fully funded PhD student vacancy.

  5. EPSRC (EP/K001523/1). ``Evolutionary Computation for Dynamic Optimisation in Network Environments.'' GBP512,325. 25 February 2013 --- 17 August 2017.

  6. EPSRC (EP/J00930X/1). ``New Control Methodology for the Next Generation of Engine Management Systems.'' GBP563,195. 25 March 2013 --- 24 September 2016. (PI: Hongming Xu, Co-I: Xin Yao)

  7. EPSRC (EP/J017515/1). ``DAASE: Dynamic Adaptive Automated Software Engineering.'' GBP6,834,903. (PI: Mark Harman. Co-Is: Edmund Burke, John Clark, Jens Krinke and Xin Yao). 1/6/2012 - 31/5/2018.

Completed Grants

  1. EPSRC KTS (Knowledge Transfer Secondments). ``Least Cost Fulfilment.'' GBP26,415. 23/7/2012 - 31/3/2013.

  2. EPSRC (EP/I010297/1). ``Evolutionary Approximation Algorithms for Optimisation: Algorithm Design and Complexity Analysis.'' GBP469,838. 29 April 2011 - 28 April 2015.

  3. European Commission. FP7-ICT-2009-6, Challenge 2. "iSense: Making Sense of Nonsense". EURO 453,526. 1/1/2011-31/12/2013.

  4. European Commission. ICT Call 5: FP7-ICT-2009-5. " EPiCS: Engineering Proprioception in Computing Systems." EURO 681,385. 1/9/2010 - 31/8/2014.

  5. European Commission. Call: FP7-PEOPLE-2009-IRSES. "NICaiA: Nature Inspired Computation and its Applications." EURO 799,200. 1/10/2010 - 30/9/2014.

  6. Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH. ``Integrating functional design evaluation methods in aesthetic design processes.'' EURO 150,000. 1/2/2010 - 31/1/2013.

  7. EPSRC (EP/J501414/1). EPSRC Knowledge Transfer Secondments. "Market Based Control of Complex Computational Systems". GBP19,983. 12/12/2011 - 11/6/2012.

  8. EPSRC (EP/H500294/1). Knowledge Transfer Secondment Grant. "Dynamic Optimization in Automotive Applications". GBP33,375. 31/5/2011 - 30/5/2012.

  9. Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH. ``Divergence of Neural Structures in Changing Environments.'' EURO 56,000. 1/2/2010 - 31/1/2011.

  10. EPSRC (EP/D052785/1). ``SEBASE: Software Engineering By Automated SEarch.'' GBP 764K. 29/6/2006 - 28/12/2011.

  11. EPSRC (EP/F033087/1). "Multi-disciplinary Optimisation and Data Mining at Birmingham." GBP360,909. 1/4/2008 - 31/3/2011.

  12. EPSRC (EP/E058884/1). ``Evolutionary Algorithms for Dynamic Optimisation Problems: Design, Analysis and Applications.'' GBP263,969. Additionally, BT contributed GBP60K and Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH contributed 64K euros. This is part of a linked project with the University of Leicester, where GBP307,469 was awarded. 1/12/2007 - 30/11/2010.

  13. Nuffield Foundation. "Evolutionary optimization and exploration of pattern generation." GBP 1,440. 2/8 - 24/9/2010.

  14. DSTO, The Commonwealth of Australia. "Fleet designs for Robustness and Adaptiveness." GBP 47,594. 21/10/2009 - 20/10/2010.

  15. EPSRC BT Industrial CASE Studentship. ``Autonomic solutions for virtualised ICT.'' GBP 61K. 1/9/2006-31/3/2010.

  16. Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH. An artificial environment with human interaction for the evolution of brain-like processing patterns. EURO 81K. 1/11/2006 - 31/10/2008.

  17. Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH. The co-evolution of functional information and information control on the DNA. EURO 124K. 1/10/2005 - 30/9/2008.

  18. EPSRC (GR/T10671/01). Market Based Control of Complex Computational Systems. GBP281K. 1/10/2004-31/3/2010.

  19. EPSRC (EP/G002339/1) "Cooperatively Coevolving Particle Swarms for Large Scale Optimisation". GBP28,341. 21/7/2008-20/10/2009.

  20. EPSRC (EP/C520696/1). Computational Complexity Analysis of Evolutionary Algorithms. GBP291K. 1/5/2005 - 31/10/2008. (PI: Xin Yao, Co-Is: Jon Rowe, Jun He)

  21. PPARC (PP/C503138/1). Designer Algorithms for Astronomical Data Mining. GBP152K. (PI: Trevor Ponman, I'm one of the Co-Is) 09/05/2005 - 08/05/2008.

  22. The Centre of Excellence for Research in Computational Intelligence and Applications (CERCIA). GBP2.6M from Advantage West Midlands (AWM). (PI: Xin Yao). 1/1/2003-31/3/2007.

  23. EPSRC and Thales Research and Technology (UK) Target Classification and Recognition Using Neural Network Ensembles. GBP65K. 1/2004-12/2006. (PI: Xin Yao)

  24. Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH. An artificial environment with human interaction for the evolution of brain-like processing patterns. EURO 40K. 1/11/2005 - 31/10/2006.

  25. The Royal Society. ``Follow-Up Networking with China.'' GBP12K. 10/2006. This grant has enabled us to strengthen our links with leading Chinese researchers in nature inspired computing by holding workshops in Beijing on 23-24 October 2006, hosted by the Institute of Systems Sciences, Institute of Computing Technologies and Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and a three-day China-UK Workshop on Nature Inspired Computation and Applications (CUWNICA'06), on 25-27 October 2006, hosted by the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei, Anhui, China. This is the second such joint workshop. The first one was jointly supported by the Royal Society and National Natural Science Foundations of China in 2004. As a result of deepened ties with Chinese researchers, a new research laboratory has been set up with joint efforts from both UK and Chinese scientists.

  26. Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH. ``DOAR: Design Optimization with Adaptive Representations.'' EURO 64K. 15/2/2006-11/8/2006.

  27. EPSRC MTP on Natural Computation, GBP535K from EPSRC (GR/N29969/01), 2001-2006. Lead proposer: Xin Yao. Co-proposers: Drs Riccardo Poli and Julian Miller.

  28. Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage --- International. ``Ensembles of Collaborative Neural Networks.'' AUD14K. (Australia PI: Hussein Abbass, UK PI: Xin Yao). 1/4/2005-31/3/2006

  29. "High Performance Computing Facility and Business Incubation Centre.'' GBP250K from AWM. PIs: Bob Hendley and Xin Yao. 15/3/2003-31/3/2006.

  30. Honda Research Institute (Europe) GmbH. Evolutionary Computation Benchmarking. EURO 20K. 1/3/2005 - 28/2/2006. (PI: Xin Yao)

  31. EPSRC (EP/C514297/1). Nature Inspired Creative Design --- A Design for the 21st Century Research Cluster. GBP50K. 1/1-31/12/2005. (PI: Thorsten Schnier, Co-Is: Xin Yao, Bob Hendley and Russell Beale)

  32. "Adaptive Agents Simulation of Freshwater Ecosystems." $A167,213. Australian Research Council (DP0345279). Investigators: Friedrich Recknagel, Xin Yao and Peter Whigham. 1/1/2003-31/12/2005.

  33. Honda Research Institute (Europe) GmbH. "Automatic Problem Decomposition Using Co-evolution and Ensembles." EURO 100K. 21/11/2002-20/11/2005. (PI: Xin Yao)

  34. EPSRC (GR/S63472/01 and GR/S63465/01). ``Prisoner's Dilemma Competition: Celebrating the 20th Anniversary.'' GBP24K. (PIs: Xin Yao and Graham Kendall)

  35. The Royal Society and National Natural Science Foundations of China. UK-China Science Network. GBP4K and CNY40K. 25-29/10/2004. (PI: Xin Yao)

  36. EPSRC (GR/S63847/01). ``Adaptive Divide-and-Conquer --- Nature's Way to Cope With Complexity.''

  37. Severn Trent Water, Ltd. Principal Investigator. (Research Assistant: Stuart Reynolds)

  38. "Average Computation Time of Evolutionary Algorithms for Combinatorial Optimisation Problems." GBP62,432 from EPSRC (GR/R52541/01). 1/9/2001-28/2/2003. Principal Investigator. (Research Fellow: Dr. Jun He)

  39. "Natural Computation Techniques for Intelligent Manufacturing." EURO197,285 from the European Commission (ASI/B7-301/97/0126-08). 1/7/2001-30/6/2002. Coordinator. Partners: Dr. Hans-Michael Voigt and Professor Kalyanmoy Deb. (MSc Students: Kamal Gupta, Benoy Ittyavirah Mohammad Saif Khan, Vineet Khare, Padmanabhan Kolappapillai, Bhuvan Sharma, Markandey Upadhyay, and Vibhu Walia)

  40. "Automatic Problem Decomposition Using Co-evolution and Ensembles." 1/10/2001-31/3/2002. HONDA R&D Europe (Deutschland) GmbH. Principal Investigator. (Research Assistant: Gavin Brown)

  41. EPSRC/BT CASE Studentship, "Combinations Between Evolutionary Computation and Neural Networks". Fully-funded EPSRC Studentship plus GBP18,600 from BT, 1999-2002. (PhD Student: Rachel Harris)

  42. Evolvable Hardware and Automatic Discovery of Unconventional Designs, GBP225,576 from Marconi plc, 2000-2003. Principal Investigator. (Research Fellow: Dr. Thorsten Schnier)

  43. EPSRC (GR/R47394/01), "Theory of Evolutionary Computation- Application for Visiting Fellowship". (PI: Jon Rowe, Co-Is: Xin Yao and Riccardo Poli).

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